1. My buddy and former student John Urquhart’s humor / view on the world never ceases to amaze me…

  2. Sound of Honda

    1989 was the year when Ayrton Senna set the world’s fastest lap while qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix on Suzuka circuit. On board, his machine was Honda’s engine telemetry system that recorded acceleration and engine data in detail. We re-created that famous lap with engine sound and LED lights. The engine sound was re-created by combining Senna’s driving data collected back in 1989 with various engine tones of Senna’s F1 machine McLaren Honda MP4/5 recorded today. Hundreds of networked speakers and LED lights were placed along the race line to bring back Senna’s fastest lap.

  3. Remote Control Tourist

    If you’ve ever wanted to see a city before you got there, this is your chance. Introducing Tourism Victoria’s ‘Remote Control Tourist’ who can be controlled from a website, and will do anything you ask, and stream it live from a first person point of view, right back at you!

  4. Beautiful little video from Honda.

  5. An online petition in the original handwriting of Troy Davis, an innocent man who was executed in 2011.

  6. new j lo video that flips the music video stereotype of bitches and bling on its head. smart, sassy, and an apt commentary to our culture. i approve.

  7. Now this is insane. Chess Boxing. I love it!!!

  8. Amazing interview prank about online privacy! Well done Buzzfeed Labs

  9. smart idea: http://www.skipad.co/ 

    by Caio Andrade

  10. As part of Adobe’s Logo Remix project, where artists and agencies were asked to reinterpret the brand’s logo, comes ‘Adobe Lights’. Where creatives from Goodby Silverstein & Partners re-created the logo as a physical lights installation with 100 handmade cubes, each correlating to an artist using Adobe software in real time. The installation is a representation of the global community of artists and designers who work everyday, with the Adobe suite of products.

    This is super freaking cool, I love how intimate it feels without crossing any privacy lines. Smart.


  11. 'High Maintenance' by Ben Sinclair & Katja Blichfield, this series of shorts are some of the most clever, entertaining, yet realistic character studies I've seen in a while. Definitely worth checking out a few, I dare you to watch just one!!

  12. 'Food In My Beard' plates

    By the talented Phil Jones.

  13. "This is a generic brand video"

  14. Eliza Bennett embroiders a self-inflicted sculpture into her flesh.

    Pretty fucking rad.


  15. nevver:

    The erase tool, London