1. World’s Toughest Job Prank.

    Watch all the way through, worth it for the flip at the end.

  2. The story of Jazzsoon: Collector. Hustler. Brooklyn Native. Living for the weekends.

    New film by Ivan Cash (me!)

  3. Pretty hilarious / sweet pillow fight prank

  4. Dude figures out a smart way of high-fiving unsuspecting NYers.

    Love this.

    By Meir Kalmanson


  5. Louie CK quote by Javier Jaen

    (Source: javierjaen.com)

  6. This makes my heart beat. Beautiful social experiment giving people who give change to a panhandler $20. 

  7. Pretty wild traffic video!

  8. An interesting short on people waiting in line for weeks for the new iPhone, with a provocative twist at the end.

    (Done by someone i know but I think they’re staying anonymous on this one.)

  9. How do you define success? Great footage, compelling characters, I just wish the music wasn’t so cookie cutter.

    Video by Soul Pancake.

  10. Smart, inspiring, quick talk by OPEN founder Scott Stowell

  11. 99 Red Balloons …played with red balloons!

    AH MAZE ING !!!!



  14. Really beautiful Target College ad from a few years back. So fucking poignent. 


  15. brilliant!